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How can you have beauty that is timeless?

How can you have beauty that is timeless?

Q: What time of your life did you like best?

A: “Now!” ~ Hedda Bolgar, 97 years old

What a wonderful answer. Living in the present is a great way to enjoy life. If you spend any time talking to happy seniors, you will quickly realize they have a different idea of what beauty is. They cherish health, they value experience, and they all know life is about choices.

Beautiful seniors have a number of things in common. They want to live. They have goals and wake up every day with things they still want to do. They are willing to try new things. Most have new hobbies that keep their minds engaged. And they are all very confident people. Science agrees with their beautiful lifestyle. “2/3 or our ability to live long, enjoyable lives is under our control. People who are optimistic do live longer.” Dr. Gary Small, UCLA Center on Aging

Advertising has a way of making us feel “less than” we are, especially as we grow older. That is pure non-sense. Beauty isn’t defined by a wrinkle, it’s defined by how you attitude towards that wrinkle. Lines add character. Laugh lines are a sign of a happy person. Expression lines are signed of a life well lived. Embrace them, they are beautiful. Focus on your assets, not your perceived “flaws.” Be happy with what you have and stop worrying about what you don’t. If you want to touch up here and there, that is totally fine. Sometimes a little help goes a long way to feeling better inside, but don’t let it define who you are.

Being healthy IS beautiful. Commit to eating well and exercising daily. Creating healthy habits will make you feel better, boost your immune system, release endorphins that put you in a better mood, provide weight control, and keep your mind occupied on the “good stuff.” Remember, nothing is more beautiful than being healthy…at any age!

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